rero Educator Conference

As part of reroEDU team, we keep improving and explore new and effective method to reachout to school and bring robotic and coding to the masses. This year 2019, we manage to organize rero Educator conference and invited 70 teachers around Malaysia to join us in the workshop and sharing session. It’s our first time to organize such big conferences for all teachers.

Instead of doing rero Robotic, this year we use our latest product called rero:micro. It’s simple, low cost, large support community, easy get started and most of all, we will have National and International event for it. The rero:micro brain is fully run by micro:bit. A very popular learning tools that supported by BBC, Microsoft and Samsung.

Our product slogan “CODE.PLAY.LEARN” was created for this product to make available for users to focus on learning coding effectively and master it in a short period of time. Micro:bit is supported by 3 main programming language such as Arduino C++, Python, and Javascript. All 3 languages in 1 micro:bit. Hugely cut down the hardware cost and increase the learning efficiency. Plus, the software is FREE!

Focusing to get thing done!

From time to time, our team will organize workshop, sharing session anywhere. Coming soon, we will have state-level competition briefing + teacher workshop. Register yourself at .


rero:micro is available on sales online at our platform. An 1-hr introduction workshop will be provided as our FREE service to help you get started.

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