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3 days straight of state-level teacher workshop @ Selangor, KL, and Putrajaya had finally come to the end. Our team effort of planning and executing from months before had finally brought us the result we always wishing and dreaming for. In here, we would like to say “Thank You Teachers!” for all the support and encouragement you gave us that drive us to keep going!

During Registration

In this workshop, we had offer teachers to choose either rero:micro robotic or Maker UNO (Arduino Compatible) workshop. Both workshops are fun but it gives you a different learning result.

rero:micro vs Maker UNO? What’s the different?

rero:micro Workshop – Suitable for teachers who are handling robotic club or those who are the first timer in learning to code. rero:micro robot is powered by micro:bit which is support by the giant company such as Microsoft, Samsung and also BBC Foundation. The software are easy to use and compatible with Javascript, Arduino IDE and also microPython.

Maker UNO Workshop – Learning in detail about C++ programming, schematic reading, understanding basic of electronic components, and creating a flow-chart. This course also is an introduction of RBT form 2 subject. Highly recommended for teachers who are currently teaching RBT.

Download the Workshop Slide

Many teachers had also asked if we can share out the slide used for them. The answer is always “YES, Teacher! No Problem“. Just joined our Facebook Learnin Group and you may download there.

What’s Next

For teachers who would like to further learning in detail for our course, we will prepare an intensive and comprehensive course for both Arduino and rero:micro for you. All the courses are designed to learn in only 2-3 hours and won’t be long. This is because it will get bored when a simple topic explains too much, but instead, our team would prefer to use the simple and straight forward example that easy to understand. How it benefit teachers?

–> Explain well for students who learning RBT or ASK or those who are practicing for rero robotics competition.

–> Deliver a simple and understandable content to students.

–> Low cost, affordable, and comprehensive learning course. (**TIPS: You may purchase the course using an account and share the content using projector. All students will be benefits at same time.)

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