Announcing to all Design Technology (Reka Bentuk Teknologi) form 2 & form 3 teachers and students, we are now launching the ALL NEW micro:bit Smart Home Kit (RBT/STEM Kit) as the hardware solution required for syllabus in form 2: Chapter 2.3 until Chapter 2.5 as well as form 3: Chapter 1. 

WHY and HOW it fit into the syllabus? See below. 👇


List of item included:

  • 1 x 3V sensor:bit
  • 1 x Crystal Battery Box – 2 x AAA
  • 1 x Crash E-Blocks
  • 1 x TMP36 temperature sensor E-blocks
  • 1 x Rainbow LED E-blocks
  • 1 x Simulation noise sensor E-blocks
  • 1 x Light sensor E-blocks
  • 1 x Soil Moisture sensor E-blocks
  • 1 x Relay E-blocks
  • 1 x DC Motor E-blocks
  • 1 x 180º Servo E-blocks
  • 1 x Submersible pump E-blocks
  • 1 x Screw Driver
  • 1 x Micro-B USB Cable
  • 1 x OLED Display
  • 1 x Smart Home kit manual book


Unboxing: Elekfreak Smart Home Kit

WHY and HOW it fit in the syllabus? 🤔

Question: Is this Smart Home Kit will solve my problem? We(teacher) have budget limitations from the school, plus, it’s a big challenge for us to teach this subject as we are not from this field.

👆If these are the problem you faced, please consider our following solution of using Smart Home Kit.

This kit had come with a few features such as

  1. Plug and use connection (no soldering and no screw)
  2. Rich tutorial cases (11 sample projects provided)
  3. Connect limitless creativity with different sensors
  4. Low affordable cost


Besides that, the chart below demonstrates the breakdown of Design Technology (Reka Bentuk Teknologi) KSSM and how the Smart Home Kit fits in as a teaching aid/teaching solution.


Form 2

2.3 Electrical Design

(Reka Bentuk Elektrik )

2.3.1 Identify and explain electrical system elements.

(Mengenal pasti dan menjelaskan elemen sistem elektrik iaitu sumber, medium, beban dan kawalan.)


Build a simple closed circuit as an example to explain the source, medium, load and control.

(Membina litar tertutup yang mudah sebagai contoh untuk menjelaskan sumber, medium, beban dan kawalan. )

2.3.2 Demonstrate the design of electrical equipment circuit in terms of:

(i) Security;

(ii) Device positioning in the circuit

(iii) Circuit connection.


(Menunjuk cara reka bentuk litar peralatan elektrik:

(i) Keselamatan;

(ii) Kedudukan peranti dalam litar

(iii) Sambungan litar.)

Demostrate micro:bit on-board circuit components and how it functions to prevent short circuit.

(Menunjukkan komponen dalam litar micro:bit dan bagaimana ia berfungsi untuk mengelakkan litar pintas.)

2.3.6 Building a functional electrical gadget.

(Membina gajet elektrik berfungsi.)

Build a functional circuit by referring to the tutorial provided.

(Membina litar berfungsi dengan merujuk tutorial yang disediakan.)

Form 2

2.4 Electronic Design


Reka Bentuk Elektronik

2.4.4 Build a simulated circuit that works with special software.

(Membina litar simulasi yang berfungsi dengan perisian khas.)

By using the MakeCode Editor software, simulation circuits can be done easily.

(Dengan menggunakan perisian MakeCode Editor, litar simulasi dapat dilakukan dengan mudah.)

2.4.5 Make the input and output circuit connection to the microcontroller.

(Membuat penyambungan litar input dan litar output kepada mikropengawal (microcontroller).)

Build a circuit based on the example project shown in the tutorial.

(Membina litar berdasarkan contoh projek yang ditunjukkan dalam tutorial.)

2.4.6 Writing an easy programming code based on the input and output devide connected.

(Menulis pengaturcaraan mudah berdasarkan penyambungan litar input dan litar output.)

Using the MakeCode Editor software to write a simple code based on the example project shown. 

(Menggunakan perisian MakeCode Editor untuk menulis kod ringkas berdasarkan contoh projek yang ditunjukkan.)

Form 2

2.5 Aquaponics Design

Reka Bentuk Akuaponik

2.5.4 Design an informative aquaponics system design.

(Melakar reka bentuk sistem akuaponik bermaklumat.)

By using the sensors provided in the kit, build a smart aquaponics system design, for example a system that waters the tree automatically when the soil is getting dry.

(Dengan menggunakan sensor yang disediakan dalam kit, membina reka bentuk sistem aquaponics pintar seperti menyiram pokok secara automatik apabila tanah menjadi kering.)

2.5.6 Build an aquaponic system design model.

(Membina model reka bentuk sistem akuaponik.)

Form 3

1.1 Mechatronic design

Reka Bentuk Mekatronik


1.1.4 Produces a block diagram of existing mechatronic products.

(Menghasilkan gambar rajah blok produk mekatronik sedia ada.)

Build a circuit based on the example project shown in the tutorial.

(Membina litar berdasarkan contoh projek yang ditunjukkan dalam tutorial.)


1.1.5 Produce a sketch of the product design section that will be modified according to the picture.

(Menghasilkan lakaran bahagian reka bentuk produk yang akan diubahsuai berdasarkan gambaraj)

Example of Makecode Editor simulation


Micro:bit has been widely used since 2015 back when BBC delivered 1 million pieces of it to pupils all across UK for the purpose of computer education.

With the launch of Smart Home Kit, it is able to resolve many difficulties faced by educators across the sector, especially during the teaching of RBT for form 2 and form 3.

Smart Home Kit, worry-free and hassle-free, at a very affordable cost.


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