Let’s start with answering a few common questions that many were asking. 

  • Is robotic going to take over our job?
  • Is AI going to be smarter and better than us (human)? 

The answer will be YES and NO.

YES! Robotic and AI going to replace some category of the job such as jobs that is unsafe for the human, job that repeatedly doing the same thing, etc.. 

NO! They not going to be better than us, but instead, create more opportunities for us. The future needs more talented people who can build better solutions for our society.

The world is changing much faster than we could imagine. To achieve a great result, we have to constantly improve ourselves. As part of the IntelekEDU Team, we decide to bring this important message for the young people and share how to be 1% better than yesterday.

What we are offering?

We (IntelekEDU Team) decided to give 1-hour free talk** about the “Impact of Future Robotics and AI” which covering:

> What is Robotic and AI?

> What category of the job going to be replaced and example?

> How advance is the current technology of Robotic and AI?

> What should we need to do NOW to be better?

and more…

** T&C:
( 1 ) Only the selected school will be given such an opportunity.
( 2 ) Currently, we are open for school in Kedah, Penang, Perak (Taiping, Ipoh) only.
( 3 ) Open registration for the school’s teacher only.

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