rero:micro Coding Robot (incl. micro:bit)


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rero:micro comes fully-assembled out of the box. No assembly needed. No tedious and difficult-to-follow construction steps before you can start learning coding. This robot ensures a smooth learning process in any coding class.

Coding With rero:micro Is Fun!

We strongly believe programming with a physical robot provides the best learning experience to budding coders.


10-Lesson Step-by-Step Guide Book

Ten informative lessons have been carefully curated to spark the students’ interest in coding. Not only that, they will also learn about basic robotics and electronics principles.

Built for Customization

If you fancy, you can customize your robot to reflect your personality. There are holes on the robot for students to build on using LEGO® parts, attach DIY items or mount 3D printed parts.

Expand the Possibilities with I2C

I2C interface port is provided for the freedom to add on any I2C sensors or modules such as distance sensor, color sensor, temperature/humidity sensor, LCD/OLED module, PWM/Analog/IO Expansion modules and etc.

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  • 1x Piezo Buzzer
  • 7x Programmable RGB LED (Neopixel)
  • 1x Ultrasonic Sensor
  • 3x Infrared (IR) Line Following Sensor
  • 2x DC Geared Motor with Wheel
  • 1x I2C Interface (3.3V)
  • 1x Pen & Holder for drawing with the robot
  • Dimension: 140mm x 140mm x 50mm


What’s Included?

  • rero:micro Robot (fully-assembled)
  • micro:bit Board
  • 18650 Li-ion Rechargeable Battery
  • Ultrasonic Module
  • Detachable Magnetic Micro USB Cable
  • 10-Lesson Step-by-step Guide Book
  • Track
  • Gel Pen and holder
  • Silicone Bumpers
Weight 0.75 kg


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